You Should Be Here: Tbilisi, Georgia


I recently had a peaceful weekend getaway to Tbilisi, Georgia. I remember looking up places I wanted to visit months before moving overseas, and this one was definitely one of them. This time of year was perfect, as I wanted to escape to a country not too far but one that still made me feel I was in a new location. I also needed a place that made me feel like the season had changed and some relief from the heat in the UAE. Between the subtle chill and colorful architecture, I was not disappointed at all. This destination is definitely overlooked. If you’re looking for a small city with big charm, here’s where you should be!





Eat and Drink

Authentic Georgian Cuisine:



Georgian Wine

Georgian Lemonade

Play and Do

Old Town Tbilisi

Freedom Square

Sulphur Hot Baths in Abanotubini

Furnicular Railway

Mtatsminda Park

Cable Car

The Mother Georgia State

The Chronicle of Georgia



Have you ever thought of visiting Tbilisi, Georgia or have been? Share by leaving a comment below!


capsule wardrobe newbie


This past week, I decided to dive into the capsule wardrobe. I previously tried doing a capsule wardrobe over the summer. After having to make more trips than my wash schedule provided, I decided to let it go. So here I am, back to give it a try once more!

This time, I decided to try founder Lee Style Bee‘s 10 x 10 formula.

Basically the formula is 10 items of clothing you transition into 10 different outfits over 10 days.

I decided to remix the formula for myself. Since my new job has a dress code that does not permit denim or jeans, I decided not to include my shoes as part of my transitional collection.


My intention

My intention for this capsule wardrobe is to gain insight into what I actually like in my closet. I want every item to be a favorite. Along with curating the items in my closet, I kind of miss my days of working at H&M creating different outfits on mannequins. (Besides, I do not want to be one of those let me grab these jeans and a school shirt type teachers.)


The Capsule

1- stripe black and white shirt

2- denim button down shirt

3- black sweatshirt with flowers

4- black jeggings

5- blue denim jeans

6- salmon colored pants

7- black skirt

8- black and grey poncho

9- grey sweater

10- salmon colored jacket


What I’ve Learned

I loved doing this formula! It was such a genius idea.

I am starting to take more of a liking to solid color pieces that have a little flair.

I like flowy/oversized pieces tied with fitted items.

It is difficult to have warm weather in the fall. (My salmon pants were comfortable but they were also cropped pants so I didn’t really like styling them as much. I think that may be on account of the season.)

I need to document the outfits so I can remember which ones I have already tried.

Omitting shoes from the challenge allowed me to be a bit more flexible in my choices. I was also able to wear a pair of heels which I didn’t initially think to try. I only wore them once, but I was so glad I had a chance to.


In the Future

I’d like to have more accessories to style my pieces. Something as simple as rings, a scarf, or a different purse would have made a major difference in the outfits I wore.


I’ve decided the 10×10 capsule wardrobe is the thing for me. I will be sticking to this formula for a while and will make changes if needed. Would anyone like to join me for a challenge? Send me a message, DM on Instagram or write me below!




loving little things.

a proverb.

Sunshine all the time makes a desert.

-Arab Proverb

Just let that sit in for a sec.

a project.

Home Away From Home


I was not sure how much decor I wanted to add to my new place away from home. The initial though was me not wanting to invest too much money into decorating a place I did not plan to live long term. As a result, before leaving The States, I packed a few things that I felt would make me feel more at home. To say the least, it was not enough. The apartment was much larger than I expected and therefor felt very empty. I’ve always had a love for home design and decor. I decided that even if I won’t be here forever, I must create a place that I always wanted to come back to. One that made me feel comfortable. A home away from home. I created a budget for myself and grew with excitement as my new place has come together (I’ll be sharing a few pictures soon). I figure, even if I’m not here forever, I can always pack these things up and ship them to my next destination. Besides, I’m loving it in here!

a place.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Burj Khalifa in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

I’ve been living here for a little over two months now. In short, I have been greatly enjoying my living experience here. Learning more about the people, the culture, and places this country has to offer. It’s a dream come true to have the opportunity of living overseas. Three years ago I said I would. And here I am!




In the post, “Guard Your Heart,” I ended saying, “We all have something we can do, in order to better protect our hearts and guard our love.” I chose to find a way to do just that. I have been practicing releasing and forgiving with intention. I noticed one of the main reasons why I “react” to certain situations is because I have not clearly communicated and worked through my feelings. Below, are a few ways I chose to try as I am journeying through this part of the healing process.

*Please Take Note: I lend these only as suggestions for self-awareness in healing. These tips are not to take the place of professional therapy. 



Release the Guilt
-Releasing the guilt is forgiving ourselves. It allows us to let go of the pain we are feeling and prevents us from believing that we are unworthy of forgiveness.
“I forgive myself for ________.”
Release the Anger                                                                                                                Releasing the anger we may have for someone or something can be very difficult. Something that has helped me in this is realizing that we all have battles we are facing, whether we know what they are or not. Just as I am working through past hurts and obstacles, the other person also has experiences they have and are still working through. Holding on to the anger creates a burden on your heart. A burden you should not carry. Releasing the anger ultimately grants you freedom from the pain.
“I forgive (said person or thing that has hurt you) for (what effect the person or thing did).”
Reflect                                                                                                                                              Forgiveness is major part of the healing process. There is no measured time of how long it will take. As you are moving through, reflect on these questions: What emotions do I feel from past hurts? What led me to make the choices I made, good choices and lessons? Why am I affected by these events that have happened in my past? What healthy boundaries must I create to protect my heart? How do I clearly communicate these boundaries to others?

I’d love to hear your suggestions of self-forgiveness and creating boundaries. Drop a comment below.



Reflection & Affirmation


It turns out, destiny has a way of redirecting our steps to be on the right path, before we are able to move forward. Doesn’t it feel good, when we hear or read someone else’s story of a trial they were able to make it pass. It gives us a feeling of relief and hope that things will get better.
I ended a past post saying “We all have something we can do, in order to better protect our hearts and guard our love.” I took the time to do just that.

Needs. Deserves. Protects.


I believe there is always a lesson to be learned in disappointment and heartache. We can only learn from those lessons when we actually take the time to reflect on it. To heal from it. These past few weeks, I decided to take time to focus on my heart. To allow myself to feel the emotions and heal from it. Thinking about what it needs, what it deserves, and what I need to protect it from.




Give it a Try: 

First: Write three affirmations about yourself.

Then: Write three things you need to guard your heart from. (Whether this is self inflicting pain, a recent disappointment, or negative energy you’ve been feeling.)

Last: Take the time to learn something about your heart, from what you wrote, and go take care of it!


I went back and forth about sharing my story of heartache and guilt not too long ago. I wrote it and edited, edited, edited. It was in the editing process where I came to the realization: I write, first for me. Then, for someone else who may need it too.

“My grace is sufficient for you. For my power is made perfect in your weakness.” -2 Corinthians 12:9


Writing is my therapy and my way of processing. (Besides, I went to school for this minor in writing and I better put my money to use somehow.)

I write this, first for me. Then, for someone else who may be in need of a little encouragement as they are learning how to heal just as I. This process is not easy, but it is necessary. It does not matter if someone feels I am sharing “too much” of myself. I chose to share this vulnerable piece of my life with you all because sometimes we think we’re alone. Sometimes we hold a level a un-forgiveness to ourselves. We don’t speak up about how we feel and we keep it bottled up inside. I firmly believe the trials we go through in life, not only teach us, but is a story to aide someone else. It serves a purpose beyond who we are. It shares HOPE.

Writing is my way of release. A close friend of mine likes to listen to music. What is your way of release?

Photos by me, during a recent solo trip across the USA, taken at Slide Rock National Park in Arizona.